BMG Asset Management


Mitigating and managing the inherent risks in our business is critical to our success and, more importantly, to our stakeholders’, customers, suppliers, and employee’s. We are committed to the responsible management of resources such as land, air, and water quality, as well as putting the health and safety of our customers, vendors, and our employees first. BMG’s policies, procedures, and standards support these efforts and guide our initiatives to ensure effective health and safety standards as well as guiding our environmental protection processes to meet and succeed our community relations. Locally and globally. We serve as a catalyst for local economic development through transparent and respectful stakeholder engagement, and as responsible stewards of the environment. Sustainability risks are business risks, and our business processes focuses on integrating key sustainability considerations.


We add value in the supply chain with our efficient logistics services, innovative global recycling of materials, and our wealth of market knowledge. All of our relationships are based on integrity! Interactions with our business partners, customers, and government officials and agencies, are beyond reproach.


BMG is committed to an accident and injury free workplace, and to protecting the health and wellbeing of our customers, employees and vendors. Full and consistent implementation of BMG’s safety standards, systems and procedures is required wherever we operate. Our heritage is built on continuous learning, which is why we invest in safety, training, and skill development of our employees.


BMG Asset Management’s sustainability targets demonstrate our commitment to transparency, while improving our ability to manage risks, and to providing insight into key areas of social and environmental performance. We deliver on our commitments and demonstrate leadership to exceed on our business promises.


We behave ethically and respect each other and the customs, cultures, and laws wherever we operate. Strengthening our long-term growth drives continued efficiencies. Environmental protection and sustainability are an integral part of our business foundation, and we strive to make all the necessary measures to ensure the well-being of our business ecosystem.

Environment Governance and Ethics

We work on the fundamentals of nurturing the communities where we live and work, so that the people we serve can have a brighter future. Adopting a “Go-Green” philosophy, we have struck a perfect balance between accrued efficiency and environmental protection.

Reduce and Recycle

At BMG, we recycle all ferrous and non-ferrous products to contribute towards a Greener future. Recycling and reusing equipment being the core objective of BMG Asset Management, we constantly thrive to achieve ways to further reduce our customers environmental footprint.