BMG Asset Management

BMG’s Policies & Standards

At BMG Asset Management, we use an infrastructure of multiple strategically localted warehouses, logistic companies, business partners, suppliers as well as like-minded employees throughout the globe to meet and exceed our customers’ Sustainability needs.

Sustainability being the core business goal of BMG, we constantly strive to achieve ways to further reduce the environmental footprint of our partners and suppliers.

Our Priorities

Understanding the issues that matter most to our customers, as well as understanding their local and state initiatives to meet their business Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) objectives allows us to focus on key business priorities, risks, and opportunities, which in turn improves our performance and reporting.
We evaluate several factors to determine the social and environmental priorities that drive our processes. These priorities drive our values, policies, and overall strategy and lessen the threats to our customers and our partners.

Strategic Initiatives

Three Founding Principals drive BMG’s sustainability program’s necessary to deliver our ESG goals:

1.Performance – We strive to deliver meaningful, measurable, and sustainable environmental governance (ESG) performance by project. We believe that ESG performance is reflective of leadership to drive responsible business practices.

2.Risk Management – Identifying and managing the recycling risks and capitalizing on the global metals markets opportunities, BMG delivers shared values to all our customers and stakeholders that are essential to achieving our shared ESG goals.

3.Ethical Business Practices – Conforming our business practices to meet local and global sustainability goals and objectives, BMG provides continual and effective communication and accountability to our clients ensuring all projects meet their ESG goals.

Founding Principles

Code of Conduct


Strategic Initiatives

Our Mission and Vision